Location: St. Lucia

The crew of the Ocean Star splashed into the next leg of their adventure this morning during a wet landing at the beach beneath the behemoth of a mountain. After a short trek past a cow to an awaiting cab, we were driven to the botanical gardens, where we enjoyed a walk through an environment one can only describe as a paradise for any plant lover. There were flowers and trees and bushes. The most important of these were the Thunbergia Grandiflora (Bengal Trumpet) and the Datura Tree (also known as Angel’s Trumpet), which continued my joy over finding trumpet-related things in the Caribbean (the coolest so far was the trumpet fish.) I’ll give you one guess what instrument the author of this post plays. Yes, the trumpet. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to touch the flowers, or I would have attempted to play them as I tried with the fish (which swam away.) After the garden, the crew took a dip in the mineral pools heated by geothermal activity. Several of the crew attempted to become one with nature by emulating the majestic seal. Sadly, the day had to come to an end. We passed by the cow once again as we walked back to the beach, and he mooed a loud goodbye. We returned to the ship and ate the last meal of the day before taking a class and preparing to rest until tomorrow’s adventure.