Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Today we had a typical passage day aboard Argo. We had an MTE class continuing our studies of plotting and charting. After class, we had a how-to presentation from Lizzy on how to make Irish potatoes. It turns out there are no potatoes in Irish potatoes, but instead, they were delicious treats of homemade frosting and cinnamon. After her presentation, we took the VHF test. If we pass, we will be certified for using a Very High-Frequency radio. Today was our third full day at sea, and already I am beginning to get used to passage life. We have already fallen back into our passage schedule of boat watch. There are plenty of rain clouds on the horizon, so it seems that we will have a very rainy boat watch tonight. I turn 21 years old at midnight, so I’m extremely excited for some celebration on my watch tonight. I’m sure Katie, Leah, and the other girls will bring a ton of snacks to our twelve to four AM watch. I know my 21st birthday will be entirely different than most 21-year-olds back in the states, but I can’t wait for my birthday in the middle of a rainstorm a few hundred miles away from shore.