Location: Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Today was our last day of passage to Komodo. By noon everyone was awake and had seen the amazing view of the mountains right off the port side of Argo. Watch team one (my watch team) was on watch from 8 am-12 pm today. We all woke up knowing it was our last watch together this passage and made sure we made it a good one. This morning Sydnei was head chef, and in preparation for dinner (pizza), Gordon, the bread maker of the day, was making the pizza dough. He mentioned that he had never made pizza dough, so I told him I would help him. While everyone else was upstairs enjoying the very slight breeze on the extremely hot morning, Gordon and I got to take a break from watch and make the dough in the extremely sweaty galley. The sun was just beaming by 9 am and the fight for the small shady patches in the cockpit was on. Around 9:30 this morning, in preparation for anchorage, we took down the sails. Just before lunch, many students got service and were able to call their friends and families, including me. For lunch today, Sydnei made chickpea salad wraps that were very yummy. After lunch, we had just enough time for Marine Biology class before anchoring in Labuan Bajo.

We are only staying here for today and overnight before heading into Komodo National Park in the morning. The main reason for stopping here first is for a clinic run for multiple students (including myself). A great silver lining to our skin and ear infections is that we were able to experience this beautiful Indonesian city on land briefly today. Some other amazing news brought by Amanda Cole today was that we could send laundry into town to be machine washed! Lolo, Amanda S, Sydnei, myself, Bo, Jack, and Emma all got into Megatron on our way to the hospital. The hospital squad today was very successful. We got picked up from a very beautiful dock inside of a resort and were dropped off at the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, everyone was able to have an appointment with the doctor and get medications. In the hospital, we all got to see a recompression chamber that was in a room that we are not sure if we were allowed in, but it was very large and very cool. While we were all at the hospital, everyone else had free time until dinner. Tim came and picked up the Hospital squad just after the pizza dinner we, unfortunately, missed (Don’t worry, they saved us some). The dock he picked us up from was its own adventure. It was at a 45-degree angle at some points with special planks across to help you from sliding off and was missing many planks across. It looked like a bridge from a Dr. Suess book. While Lolo was in town, she went to pick up some more food for the boat and bought us some treats as well. Once we were all back on board, we split up all the baked goods, and we all also got a Pocari Sweat drink and a mango. By the time dessert was finished, it was late and time for everyone to get their first full night of sleep without watch! Everyone tonight should be dreaming about the Komodo Dragons we are soon to see…

1) Hospital Squad minus Sydnei and me
2) View of Labuan Bajo from inside van
3) Me sitting on boom flaking the sail
4) Watch team 1 Bow bow
5)Lolo, Preston, Whitney, Kayli (me)
6) Fun times in the Dishy Pit
7) pizza dough makers
8) Cap Tim

Shoutout to the Brown Family and Lil Blueberry 😉 Love and miss you all