Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

It was funny when I got up so everyone else could start the day. In all honesty, I wasn’t ready to wake up either, so I proceeded to go to the rest of the crew and wake them up while I was still half asleep. We all sat around and enjoyed a simple breakfast of cereal and milk. I began putting globs of peanut butter in the cereal instead of milk early on in the trip, which has now spread to other members of the crew doing the same.

Once breakfast ended, the majority of the crew went on a dive scheduled with the local dive shop on the island, Sea Saba. We spent about 30 minutes at both of the dive locations. One was a reef molded into a large mound jutting from the seabed, and the other location was two spires connected. At both locations, there was a culmination of different marine life. We saw dozens of different reef fish, sharks, rays, lobsters, and so many more.

We all came back to the ship for lunch after we finished up with our dive. Three members of the crew went into town to clear us out of the country and provision for our final passage back to the BVIs. We all had some very good risotto prepared for lunch. Once the cleanup was finished, we essentially had the rest of the day to ourselves. The majority of it was spent doing projects and preparing for the final assignments we had to accomplish before everything ends.

When everything was about ready for dinner, we proceeded to speed over to Fort Bay to pick up our crew members from their excursion ashore and bring them back to the ship so we could have dinner. The finale to our day was Marine Bio. And tomorrow, we wake up bright and early (3:00 a.m.) to sail to the BVIs.

Wish us luck, and hope you enjoyed my last entry as the skipper.

Ian L.