Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Sydney woke me up as she walked past me on her way to the head this morning. So I rolled out of bed to wake the rest of the crew up at 0300, bright and early for our sail back to the BVIs. By 0400, the mainsail and staysail were up, and we were on our way. Watch team one (Ian, Dasha, Sinclair, and Zach) took the first watch from 0400-0700. They got to witness the sunrise behind the island of Saba, and it traveled across the sky, exactly where Ocean Star was heading. Then watch team two (Steph, Carolyn, Emma, Sam, and Ian) took over from 0700-1000. They listened to some tunes and, unfortunately, had to turn on the engine because the wind died down too much. Then I had watched with my watch team (Steve, Sydney, and Will). Will and Dasha made us delicious Cuban sandwiches that we all enjoyed underway. Watch team 1 went back on watch at 0100 while everyone else headed back to bed. About halfway through their watch, I was told, they saw a huge pod of dolphins! Watch team two took over at 0400, and they woke everyone up to drop sails around 0445. Dasha and Will had already begun making Moussaka, and everyone got a quick shower in after striking the sails and tidying the deck before dinner. Dinner, as is every meal Dasha makes, was fantastic. Then, after clean-up, of course, the crew headed off to bed. CYA – Allie 🙂