Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Today started like every day. Except for this morning, I decided to wake people up by wafting muffins a few inches from their sleepy little faces. It seemed to do the trick for the most part as many were up and helping out with breakfast duties in no time. Once we were all cleared in with customs, we set off for Salt Island. We ate a hearty lunch of ham and cheese toasties (that’s a sandwich for you Americans out there) accompanied by soup. Divers then set off for the famous shipwreck of the RMS Rhone here in the BVI, well known throughout the entire world, maybe even the universe. The RMS Rhone was a UK Royal Mail Ship that sunk, which probably explains why my letters were never received here (I joke, of course, it sank in 1867 in a hurricane). Those certified went and enjoyed the wonders of this wreck, which has held up well after being battered by the hurricanes of last year and goes to show that if you want to protect your boat from a hurricane, sink it first. That’ll show the hurricane who’s boss.

After everyone was all dry and dusted off from the dive, we upped anchor and moved again. I know, right, busy busy, this time we set off to Peter Island. I asked around for Mr. Peter/Mr. Island but was informed he hadn’t been seen since the 17th Century, so naturally, I assume he is no longer with us. This will be our base for a couple of days as the shipmates get ready for the upcoming finals like the NavMaster, Oceanography, and Marine Biology exams. Dinner was hotly anticipated by myself, especially as it was fried chicken (a lot of peer pressure was needed to persuade Ian to do it), but as ever it was delicious, and finally, after dinner, we wound down the evening by the shipmates listening to the dulcet sounds of me teaching Marine Biology.

That’s it, folks, that’s the day in all its glory.