Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

This morning we were woken up to a rescue diver scenario where Steve was unconscious and not breathing on the anchor line. We all popped out of bed, knowing that we had to respond quickly. After 7 minutes, we found Steve and began the process of getting him back onto Ocean Star, remembering all that we had learned throughout the rescue diver and emergency first responder courses. After the exciting morning, we had a nice breakfast of oatmeal, loading the bowls up with fruit, peanut butter, and so much more. We then did some more emergency first responder practice scenarios, and after getting into free/study time to enjoy some rest time and make the final adjustments or run-throughs of the Oceanography group project presentation. After some good study time, we had a refreshing and delicious salad with some show-stopping sweet potato chunks, crisp greens, and a variety of other delectable additions post-lunch, we had some free study time, which was followed by the group presentations. One group presented their study of plastic surveys on the leeward and windward sides of islands, and the other shared their research of sediment found near the anchor at multiple locations. We then had a fajita/taco night, where most of us over-ate, then went to leadership and had some meaningful discussions, despite our sleepiness from a food coma creeping upon us, which inevitably took us to bed right after class for a good night’s sleep.