Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

This morning we were met with a downpour of rain. I woke everyone up a few minutes later than usual since breakfast was being served below deck (don’t tell Captain Ian we weren’t up at exactly 7!). The wonderful chef team of Ian and Dasha made us chocolate chip pancakes and fried plantains (yes – we also got the plantains from our fruit tour in Dominica). After breakfast, Allie, Dasha, Sinclair, Ian, Sam, and Will began their PADI Rescue SCUBA course by watching the instructional videos down below, waiting out the rain. During this, Emma and I had a very relaxing movie day, starting with The Devil Wears Prada and The Proposal. We were all on deck as we saw our beautiful dinghy being rowed back to the boat by Ian and Carolyn after a slight engine mishap (which they fixed after what looked to be a very long and difficult day of engine work). Ian and Dasha made quesadillas and tomato soup for lunch, a perfect meal for the rainy day. After lunch, the rain stopped just in time for the rescue divers in training to get in the water to do their first set of training exercises. This began with Steve pretending to drown in the water and giving the students time to get all their gear on and get in the water (they all said sorry for almost letting Steve “drown”). They took turns pulling each other around the boat, which looked more like fun than training, but Steve insisted it was part of the course (Emma and I continued our movie day with Bring It On). For dinner, Ian and Dasha made Sum Gully (shoutout to Ian’s family for the recipe!). Following dinner, we had a Seamanship class with Carolyn and reviewed some of our skills for our Nav Master exam. We’re all heading to bed early to get ready for our day ashore tomorrow! (after Emma and I finish our movie night with Coco, of course.)