Location: Spanishtown, BVIs

Today has been a long day, and also a very important one. After departing Saba yesterday evening, we arrived in Virgin Gorda this morning, returning to the place where our trip began: the BVIs. Tired from a long, exciting night of sailing, the crew groggily flaked the sails, dropped the anchor, and put on the sail covers and tarp for the last time. After breakfast, everybody perked up and began to get excited to spend a morning visiting the Baths, one of the BVI’s most beautiful locations. We spent the morning snorkeling around the rocks and the sand of the baths before celebrating Easter with a hunt for peeps onboard and our very own portrait Easter eggs. We then motored over to Spanishtown. Some of the shipmates went ashore, but most of us stayed aboard to study for our Marine Biology final, which takes place tonight. Tomorrow we have a dive that we are all very excited about and should be a lot of one.