Location: UW to St. Barth's

This morning, the crew of the Ocean Star was blessed with the terrific smell of banana nut muffins wafting through the air as they baked for our breakfast. The schedule, as described to me while we ate, was very “up-in-the-air”, with plans to study the important seamanship skill of the Very High Frequency (VHF) radio, then an attempt to take a midday shore leave into the small town of Spanish Town. As we learned the basics of radio communication, we were soon informed of the fact that we would be saying Bravo Yankee Echo to Spanishtown and would instead be making our way to St. Barth’s as soon as possible. We were originally a bit disappointed at this news, but our attitudes quickly changed when we realized that we would be learning a variety of skills regarding the sailing of our vessel. With this in mind, we were eager to set sail for the French island in order to beat the tropical storm that was soon approaching our general location. We set sail and bid the British Virgin Islands farewell, ready to start a new adventure on a new island in this vast ocean. As of now, we are working on gaining our sea legs with mixed success (even though I am struggling to write this as my stomach churns). If all goes to plan, we should reach St. Barth’s by tomorrow late afternoon. Until then, this is Skipper Beau signing out.