Location: Underway to Cartegena 12 53.55'N 71 32.17"W

Good evening folks, Audrey here to summarize another beautiful day on our beautiful ship Argo!

We have traveled 1127 nautical miles so far! If you were wondering, our coordinates are 12* 55.37’N 71*26.08’W. We have the main staysail, and the forward staysail up. We are going around 7 knots!

The second day on passage to Cartegena, Columbia! We are now back on watch schedules. I had the 4 am to 8 am watch. That’s definitely a very nice watch because you get to see four very distinctive times of the day. My watch team (3) got to see the stars, the moon setting, complete darkness, and finally, the rising sun. My favorite place on the boat is definitely the bow. It’s really nice to have the wind blow your hair in all directions and have the waves crashing against the boat just below your feet as we sail along. It also very cool at night when we see the bioluminescence in the waves. We have not seen dolphins surfing at the bow yet. Hopefully, we will soon. It’s very exciting when we see marine life.

We all gathered around the cockpit for lunch. Deckies had a lot to clean up since everything was flying. The swells are very big! We stumble on deck a lot, trying to keep our balance. At dinner, since the cockpit is too small to fit everyone, some of us have to stand, and we literally have to hang on to each other, so nobody goes overboard. It has not happened yet! There were a couple of close calls, though…But we are good! Everyone is on deck! Our count offs make sure of that! We did lose a bunch of knives and a couple of forks, though. They decided to go for a swim… the only problem is that they never came back. As a mediocre superpower, Tina would love to have them all pop right back on deck once they hit the water.

We had an SLS class up on deck, which was very nice. We then had MTE in the salon. We then had showers and then dispersed to go do whatever it was we had to do. I went back on watch.

We caught another wahoo!

James spotted a tiny little gecko on deck. We were about to make it our boat pet, but some guys decided to play “odds,” to which Xander lost, and he had to eat the gecko. The gecko did not deserve to die. He was so cute!! We were going to name him, but Xander ruined it. RIP little guy.

After the tragic event of a baby gecko being eaten, we gathered in the cockpit to have dinner. We did our daily squeeze and question: “What is one of your favorite quotes?”

We are now back to doing our duties.

Enjoy the pictures!!

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