Location: Offshore Near the Dutch Antilles

We left Bonaire this morning, and a lot of us were still a bit sleepy after an excellent night out. It was a late night in the cockpit listening to Henry on his guitar. Tina said, “I’m glad the first time you guys are seeing me cry is because of Henry’s guitar.

One song, in particular, left everyone completely still and silent, reverent respect for what we had just heard. Henry of Oregon, and Jack of Peaks Island, resident musicians, are bringing down the house.

Now at sea again, the moon is bright and waxing, the swells are a little heavier, and everyone is excited for the next few days of the passage to Columbia when the swells may rise to fifteen feet. No one says they’re scared, and no one looks scared: we’re ready, confident, and friends with the ship that’s been taking good care of us.

It was a good day. Parker and Hannah had a long nap on the chart house roof, we had Marine Biology and learned about seaweed and more, and a prank war has begun: How many cloth pins can you clamp on someones shirt without them noticing? The Game Is On.

Speaking of The Game Being On. Mom and Dad, can you save the recording of Sherlock for me so I can watch it in April? Thanks, love you.

-Ben HC

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