Location: Bonaire

Today was our final full day in Bonaire. We started the morning enjoying delicious blueberry muffins, and after finishing our jobs, we walked to the CIEE research center to learn more about the invasive lionfish. Upon arrival, we were greeted by scientist Zac Kohl, his staff, and Dushi, the friendly laboratory dog. Zac talked about how detrimental the lionfish is to the Caribbean and the importance of stopping their invasion. We paired up and were given the opportunity to dissect lionfish, which I and some of the crew enjoyed very much. Being very careful, we removed the poisonous spines and began dissection, trying to remove different parts of the fish. After visiting CIEE, the student crew was granted a day of shore time; some returned to Jibe City; others used the time to do laundry and eat Gelato for the third day in a row (that is what I did). Tina and Carolyn went on a grocery trip to prepare for our next sea passage to Cartagena, Columbia, that is supposedly our toughest passage yet. It is sad to say goodbye to Bonaire, but Argo has many more exciting places to visit.

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