Location: Bonaire

Parker’s post last night introduced you all to alpha and bravo group’s activities up until last night. However, a whole lot has happened both on and offshore down here in Bonaire since then. To pick up where Parker left off, after dinner, alpha group, which I am a member of, set out on a night dive to explore the reef just off the beach next to the marina. The dive was incredible, and we all thoroughly enjoyed exploring the depths armed with flashlights as well as blacklights. The reason we brought blacklights is that many types of coral, as well as some species of fish, fluoresce when exposed to UV light. As incredible as swimming through a glowing neon reef sounds, it was even more incredible to experience the bioluminescence revealed all around us when we turned off our lights. Watching the glowing blue tracers following our fins and arms as we swam was truly surreal. Yet, I was snapped quickly back into reality while exiting the water when I attempted to stabilize myself on a rock and ended up grabbing a large black sea urchin instead. It was excruciatingly painful, but all in all, the dive was worth the bitter end. Today we started up the morning by saying goodbye to the bravo group as they prepared their dive kits and headed out to Jibe City, a local windsurfing spot which had some of both the best winds in the world as well as most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. As tough as it was to initially get our bearings windsurfing, it was hard to complain while learning in the warm turquoise waters of Bonaire. After relaxing at the picturesque beach and restaurant, which directly borders it, we headed back into town to explore the small main city. There is an interesting mix of cultures here in Bonaire. It is mainly Dutch, of course; however, to my surprise, there is a bit of Asian influence here as well. The supermarket and some small restaurants are run by sun-kissed and very welcoming Asian people whose businesses all sport traditional anime signs and decals out front, which is something I never expected to see in the Caribbean. Upon our return to Argo, we all enjoyed enchiladas prepared by Carolyn, and it was apparent that everyone on team Bravo had enjoyed their dives as much as we had the day before. Bonaire has treated us very well so far, and as much as I know we would all love to stay for a few more days, I am ready to pull in the lines and set sail on Tuesday to find out what our next destinations have to offer. If they are anything like Bonaire, then I am sure they will not disappoint.

To my family back home, I hope you are all doing great back in Massachusetts, and I love all of you guys. William Charlie and Andrew, we will have to take a little trip here sometime soon because I saw some golf carts waiting just for us ;).