Location: Bonaire

This small oasis in the south Caribbean has treated the crew of Argo very well today. For my first time as skipper, I was excited and ready when the sun woke me up, and I could get the crew ready for a fun-filled day. Our first full day here included diving: windsurfing, and way too much gelato. We split into two groups after a wonderful breakfast of warm glue… I mean porridge, made by Ian. Alpha group started setting up their dive gear in preparation for a full day of diving, and the Bravo group packed their bags and waited to be shipped over to Jibe City for windsurfing. Then the entire island is surrounded by a marine preservation zone, which keeps the reef as healthy and pristine as possible. Alpha group geared up on the dock, and walked a whole 30 meters to the beach just outside of the harbor; even the reefs directly next to the harbor are full of life. Those of us already advanced certified set out on our own, and the advanced students practiced their buoyancy skills with Tina and Simon. The reef did not disappoint but surpassed all expectations. The vast amount of fish was noticed immediately, as well as the variety in species and colors of coral, kritters, and sponges. A few turtles spotted morays, and giant parrotfish were seen as well as tiny pederson cleaner shrimp hidden between the tentacles of anemones. After lunch, we set off for a fun dive with Lindsay and Simon, which proved that the reef has, even more, to be explored. Quickly after this dive, the hunt for Wi-Fi and gelato was on.

We walked about 20 min into town and were welcomed by bubbly Dutch people and the hustle and bustle in the capital city of this little island. Bravo group found themselves on the other side of the island, at the windsurfing capital of the world. They spent an hour with an instructor learning how to keep their balance and catch the wind, a very different process than sailing the SY Argo. After an hour of surfing on their own, the Bravo group set out to fill their tummies and enjoy the views on the windward side of the Island. Everyone reconvened for an English Thanksgiving-themed dinner aboard. Stories were shared of each group’s adventure, and spirits were high as we discussed our favorite parts of the trip so far. We are officially three weeks in, and the adventure of a lifetime has hardly even begun.

Sending love to all our friends and family out there, but specifically Jeff, Terry, Meagan, Ethan, Dorrie, Tyler, Emma, and puppy mac,

Skipper of the day- Parker

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