Location: Bonaire

Another day in paradise. When you look at things that way, it’s impossible to be unhappy, especially when you see land for the first time in a few days. We spent the morning sailing in swelly seas, nothing too eventful except for when Ian decided to tack because we couldn’t be bothered to sheet in the mainsail. From what I hear seeing Omar and Ben at the bow getting blasted by a wave was pretty sick. Watching Tina’s face as her masterful pot of soup creation tilted precipitously was quite another story. Anyways, we got in to dock at 2:45 just in time for our pre-scheduled dive orientation that is mandated by Bonaire for all visiting divers. I can already feel the excitement rising for the diving and windsurfing we’ll be doing over the next couple of days. Dinner tonight was awesome. Pork and more pork and some pad Thai noodles prepared by Tina and Christian. Squeeze (our way of ending dinner by holding hands and asking a question) was also awesome. We ended it with a group meditation and then some mediocre humming punctuated by bursts of laughter all around. All in all, a great day.

Shoutout to my family!

Missing you all! Love you guys!

Riley Jay Dow (now known as OJ – short for Oasis of joy)

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