Location: 12 33.40'N 66 28.18'W

It’s day 19 here on Argo, and it has been a pretty busy one! It was a fairly calm morning, but a small storm started brewing when lunch came around. That didn’t keep us from enjoying our homemade hummus and pita bread, though. Cleaning up after that meal was slightly more difficult than usual because of the larger swells throwing us off balance, but that didn’t stop us from getting Argo in ship shape! After lunch, we started our classes out with our second fish ID quiz in marine biology. Next, we had MTE, where we discussed how we would signal for help in the case of an emergency. Simon and Ian lightened up the mood with a round of Argo Simon Says. We took turns racing around the boat, trying to be the first one to identify the part of the ship that our instructors had just shouted out. For dinner, Captain Ben prepared the freshly caught wahoo from yesterday. Our skilled chefs made both fish tacos and passion fruit ceviche. The day ended with an incredible sunset that we were all very appreciative of!

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