Location: Somewhere between Seine seamount and Porto santo island

We are nearing ever closer to our tropical destination of Madeira. It has been such a pleasant experience to sail in the Atlantic again with the slow-rolling waves rolling over our starboard quarter and carrying us ever closer. The longer passage seems to have allowed most of those who have been previously seasick to get their sea-legs and feel a little more at one with the sea. Life in the Atlantic is quite different from the protected narrows of the Mediterranean. Vela feels like she is performing like the sailboat she was designed to be, soaring at an effortless 7 knots.

Today the students had Oceanography and Seamanship classes. The students have started presenting projects from literature studies they carried out over the past few weeks. The subjects are all different, but some include jellyfish blooms, thermo venting, and plastic pollutions in our oceans. While in Seamanship, the students have moved onto nav-master. This portion of the class teaches the students how to navigate with charts and a greater understanding of the equipment involved. Our 3 PSCT students took their first exam today, which was meteorologya big step into becoming professional skippers.

1. watch team 3 in all their glory (Buuba, Garrrrrrett, Jamez, Jamantha, Show-nuh, Grass, Samuel, Garrettttt, Kendrake, and Mma)
2. Part of watch team 2 (Em or son, Dylan, Dani, Sav, Jo, Zoeseph, and Henri)
3. The chef’s slaving away in the galley (Helena, Akia, Garrett, and Jak)
4. Shinny sunsets in the dishy pit


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