Location: Madeira, Portuguese Island

This morning I didn’t get to wake anyone up this time because we were underway. At least not everyone. I got to do some wake-ups at 11:30, which was nice. It is always quite an interesting experience. I had the eight to twelve watch this morning. When we got up on deck, it was a much nicer warm temperature, and we got to see the sunrise as well as the island we were going to get bigger and bigger. We realized the Madeira island looks unbelievably similar to the Wii sports resort island. For lunch, James tried to make tomato soup, and Garrett made some really good garlic bread. We got to eat lunch as we were arriving in Madeira and look at all of the nice views, which were very nice.

After lunch, we had class as usual; today, we had Marine Bio and Seamanship. In Marine Bio, we learned that if you are going to ride a sea animal, make sure it is a skate, not a ray, so you don’t end up like Steve Irwin. In order to ride said skate, you have to be friends! I kept getting distracted during class by watching Bubba try to cook and making flour explosions. After class time, Elle had me gather all of the troops and bring them up on deck for boat bedtime. I assigned people to put the sail covers on, remove the halyards, etc. Right after that, we proceeded to eat dinner, which James also cooked. It was chicken dumpling soup, and it put my taste buds through a twist o whirl.

Photo1: Charlie and Jack looking out to the island of Madeira
Photo 2: Jack and Garrett in the galley making dumplings
Photo 3: Charlie on watch


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