Location: Slipway Marina, Antigua

Today started out a little brighter than normal, with the edition of Tom! Our pet has emerged and is excited to see the world. After breakfast, we hiked up the Goat path to watch the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Caribbean-600 start. If you are new to the game of sailing (or sail racing), this is a 600 nautical mile race spanning 11 island nations with over 70 boats! Including but not limited to Comanche, the 24-hour record for sailing monohulls covering 618 nautical miles at an average of 25.75 knots! Again if you know nothing about boats, know that 25 knots are like if Vela was a snail and Comanche was a human….. it’s so fast! Also, know that covering 618 nautical miles in 24 hours is like really fast. Like if you put your fast shoes on and walk down a hill. The race also included a boat owned by Maserati that went 15,000 nautical miles in only 36 days! To put this in perspective, we will attempt 3,000 nautical miles in 90 days. We average over here about 7 knots. Luckily for us, these are not the boats we will be racing in Classics Week (phew).

After the excitement with the racing yachts, Tom got to stretch his arms, and we moved the boat to Slipway to bunker (take on fuel). Cookies were made, ice cream was eaten, Oceanography was had, all-in-all it was a very exciting day over here.

Caption 1. Cora watching the RORC-600
2. Staff meeting (your welcome, Amy)
3. Powerplay (making a power play)
4. More boats

Sorry, I was excited about the boats. More people will be in photos tomorrow 🙂