Location: Fuel Dock, Antigua

Quarantine on the Ocean Star has finally ended on this beautiful sunny day, raising high spirits among our crew members. This time, students were woken up to the loud but peaceful sound of me playing the steel drum. Many of us were more than delighted to hear some very good news; at last, we would have shore time after lunch. The ship made its way back to the English Harbor Shipyard as we anxiously sat through class. Our sea legs were surprised to step on land for the first time since we left dock on day four. We all took advantage of the privileges of being back onshore, whether it was going to a bathroom and showering with actual plumbing or going on a distant run to the peak of the nearest hilltop to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire coastline. Once lunch was over, it was finally time to walk around the shore, explore local shops, enjoy iced lattes at the yacht club cafe, and visit grocery stores to load up on snacks for our imminent three-day sail to Grenada. The ship’s crew is also relieved to refuel on sleep, as the is no need to keep a watch on the anchor while the ship rests in the fuel dock tonight.