Location: Fuel Dock, Antigua

The day started as it always does, the students aboard the vessel “Ocean Star” waking up at 7 AM sharp for a student-cooked breakfast. Everyone was now stocked up with plenty of snacks from the excursion in town yesterday. After breakfast was yet another fascinating marine biology class, this time focused on sponges and jellyfish. After class ended was free time, and since we were docked, that meant shore showers, creating a line that stretched out of the bathroom. Students were also gathered around the one small building with wifi communicating with friends and family, downloading movies and shows, etc. After lunch, everyone went for a hike and ended up at an incredible view with tide pools shaded by overhanging rocks. We listened to music, snorkeled, and had a great time.

After everyone got back, there was another round of showers, and some people did laundry before the three-day trip to Grenada. After dinner was a seamanship class which was expedited so that everyone could eat out at a local french restaurant. Students got to eat a second dinner and dessert. This was a great treat, and students savored the gourmet food and delicious deserts, the likes of which they had not tasted in quite a while. Afterward, everyone made their way back to the boat and got a good night’s rest in anticipation of their journey the following day.

Picture 1- Hiking through the mountain
Picture 2- Walking alongside the beach
Picture 3- Views from the resting point
Picture 4- Hiking through the mountain
Picture 5- Ben amongst the rocks
Picture 6- Julia and Ruth swimming