Location: En route to Grenada

Today began like any other day, with nearly 16 tired voices chanting the chorus to Whats Up by 4 Non Blondes.
Some forward thinkers, such as Will and Zac, took their free time in the morning to run get a final shore meal at the French restaurant in the slipway.
After some quick calls to family and friends, we prepped Ocean Star for our three-day passage to Grenada.
Once the sails went up around 4 pm, we headed out towards the Pillars of Hercules and many of us first dive spots.
The wind was as strong as the arms that had sweated the boats many sheets. When the sun was beginning to set, all those on deck were warmly welcomed to the open ocean by several swimming dolphins parallel to the boat.
Sundown brought a sky full of stars and three very stressed-out chefs cooking chicken nuggets at a 45-degree tilt. It was quite clear head chef Lennox and her two Sous Chefs, Julia, and Pearse were working hard to produce what turned out to be a delicious meal by the devoted screams radiating from the hatchet above the galley. The meal concluded with pondering preferred tree species and the division of watch teams. These three teams take turns (3 hours on, 6 hours off) keeping an eye on all the parts necessary to call Ocean Star our home away from home. Watch team one (Isabel L., Zac, Lennox, Ben, and Ruth-Riley with Ash and Calum) assembled in the cockpit at 9 to begin 3 hours of watch. Ben and Lennox looked over the bow while Zac, RR, and Isabel L. took turns taking the helm and conducting thorough boat checks every hour. All the while, the remaining crew slept soundly in their bunks after an exciting day, prior to being woken up by their peers to a riveting 3-hour watch of their own.