Location: Grenada

In the morning I, as skipper of the day, had to wake everyone up. Some people werent in the best mood. During briefing the information was passed on to the crew on our schedule for our day in Grenada. Initially the idea was to go to a chocolate factory but the tour would had been only be 5 minutes. Instead of doing that we were going on a island tour after class. We went ashore and got into a taxi from Henrys Safari Tours. I got to ride shotgun with Jon! Our first stop was at Lauren’s Spice Garden. There were so many awesome herbs there, and also fresh fruits like mangos. We took a whole bunch of them that would be ripe and ready to eat tomorrow. After the spice garden we continued our tour. We headed to town, to St. George, where we enjoyed a view at the open air market, and the ambient on a Friday afternoon. After we got our stomachs filled we went to the Annandale waterfall. Some people decided to jump of that waterfall, which was about 40 feet high. The waterfall was awesome and refreshing. Standing under the waterfall was like having a massage and my back got all loose from it. Afterwards we went back to the boat and we all showered and got our laptops to put the final touch on our papers for OCB class, due tomorrow. After I finished my paper it was time for movie night. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one), which was fun.