Location: North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today was our first intensive day allotted to sail training! After a spectacular breakfast of French toast and, let’s be honest, mostly Nutella, we went over some safety procedures and eventually got underway. We drilled and practiced with the fire hose, had the opportunity to attempt a man overboard procedure as Shelby lost her hat, and Anya sighted it in the water five minutes later. We managed to get all six sails flying during the passage from Mountain Point to North Sound and entered our anchorage sailing with five, a feat which earned us a lot of compliments because Ocean Star is a gorgeous ship. Now, everyone onboard can name the majority of the lines, can tack with a flying jib and jib run-up, can rig up a fisherman sail, and can comfortably speak using complex nautical vocabulary terms. We did a lot of tacks for practice, and most everyone got a chance to be a helmsman. During this evening’s squeeze question, I learned that given the opportunity to have any animal, real extinct or imaginary, as a pet, about half the crew would choose dogs. Luckily we had a Velociraptor, dragon, and phoenix, so I guess that somewhat redeems my crewmate’s lack of originality. But seriously, only dogs?!?! As for other fun stories, Shelby decided that the best spot to sit on the boat is the windward aft cap rail with your arms hung over lifelines and got everyone to join her there and share about their best day of college. A bystander said Ocean Star was the “most beautiful ship I’ve seen all week” when she’s clearly the most beautiful he’s seen in his life. Ian claims that we are currently anchored by the yacht club where Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up, so I think I know what music we’ll be waking up to tomorrow. It was fantastic to finally spend a day sailing, and I can’t wait for the longer passages coming up soon!

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