Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today, we had a 7:00 am wakeup call, and a 7:30 am cereal breakfast on our second day in Mountain Point. The Open Water Divers in training learned how to read dive charts while the certified scuba divers went on an early morning recreational dive. The Divemasters in training assisted in teaching the open water students and were tested on their own skills. Afterward, the certified divers had some relaxation and extra study time while the Open Water students completed their last skills and training dive before being eligible to take the final exam and become PADI certified Open Water Divers. Following the early morning dives, we had a mac n’ cheese lunch and proceeded to attempt backflips off the deck, lounge in the sun, swim around the boat, and color in postcards. The third and last dive of the day was an incredible opportunity for some shipmates to go down to 60ft and experience the joys of the world beneath the Caribbean sea. There were a ray and two lobster sightings as well as a few barracudas. After our first Oceanography class, the boat has decided on groups for the final projects that we will be completing for the remainder of the trip. Overall, today was a great day to dive, relax, spend time together, and enjoy our beautiful home on Ocean Star. While it has only been a few days, the boat is already beginning to feel tightly knit, and homie, especially after our long lost brother William made it aboard. Ending another wonderful day on the water, we ate a Mexican night themed dinner and enjoyed each others company as well as some animated discussions and charades about our spirit animals. Tonight we’ll be watching a video about the names of our two dinghies Irving and Exy Johnson, and we will be learning about the history behind sail training before getting into a little more sail training of our own tomorrow. As “Careless Whisper” is blasting on the deck of Ocean Star and the waves roll past a serene Caribbean sunset, I cannot think of a place I’d rather be, with any other group of people. Unsurprisingly, the lack of connection to the outside world and an 88ft ship in the Caribbean is the perfect breeding ground for great experiences, friendships, and memories.