Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Day 5,
Today was a very fast-paced kind of day, but overall it was a productive one. This morning I woke up the crew by blasting “The Running Man” song, lots of smiles emerged out of bed when I did that. After eating breakfast and raising the anchor, we sailed towards Mountain Point, which is North of Savannah Bay. Once we dropped anchor, we immediately set up our dive gear, and scuba dived for approximately a half an hour. It was a Blast!!! While diving, we were swarmed by a school of tropical fish, which blew my mind. After our morning dive, we came back for lunch and found ourselves served with chilly cheese quesadillas. During lunch, I found myself surrounded by happy faces and full stomachs. Following lunch, we headed back in the water with our SCUBA gear. While diving, we learned how to navigate with our compasses (so we wouldn’t get lost like Nemo or Dory) and also learned how to share air with our SCUBA buddy. After our afternoon dive, a few of us found ourselves in Dingy School with our comical 2nd mate Ian as our teacher. We learned how to start, drive, and dock the dingy. Following dinner, we had our first Oceanography class, which I found very interesting… Well very interesting for me anyway I can’t speak for everyone. During class, I witnessed a few sleepy faces’ and bobbing heads, which goes to show how long of a day we had.