Location: Savanah Bay, British Virgin Islands

The sea adheres to no schedule, but aboard ocean star, we have made it our teacher.
As a student in college, Ive found routine to hinder my drive to learn. Since we first started going to school, we’re taught that the only way to learn is to sit at a desk and be tested. And this is how we are expected to learn for many years, and each new tier of school as we continue our education becomes more efficient at this process.
At the beginning of a semester, a college student is given a schedule and knows at what desk they’ll be sitting at a given hour. Seamester breaks this convention. Everything on our calendar is penciled in and subject to change. No one can predict the ocean, but we can learn from it. We trust our captain and other supporting members of the staff to look at the weather and our location to decide what we can learn next.
Today we were anchored off of Savannah Bay. The calmer and shallower waters allowed the people new to scuba diving to complete their confined water training. A short hike across the island taught us the power of the ocean. It has a massive hand in shaping the land, and we observed this by comparing the safer “leeward” side, which was composed of sandy beaches and tranquil waters with the gigantic carved out rocks and cliffs of the “windward” side, which was exposed to the mighty Atlantic.
We learned and did it all without a desk and piece of paper. I look forward to learning more in the days to come, even though it is going to make returning back to school and sitting at a desk much harder.