Location: Somewhere in the Atlantic

Today began under sail…with no wind. Watch team 1 had the duty of hoisting the sails between the hours of 8-12 this morning. When I came upstairs at 12, we were sitting ducks basking in the hot sun. Tyler prepared spaghetti for lunch which was quickly devoured before classes. During clean-up, someone ran downstairs saying, “Bubba, Tyler, fish!” They quickly ran upstairs to find a giant Mahi on the line. They wrestled with it and finally managed to pull the fish all the way to the boat. As they lifted it up, the line snapped, and the fish returned to the sea. The boys came below with their heads hung low before preparing for class.

Tyler and Bubba were our leaders for an interesting leadership class in which we reflected on our own personal obstacles and further reflected on our willingness to overcome them. We assessed how others can play a role in our development as well as our own self-motivation. Before oceanography, we popped our heads on deck to check our speed, still drifting. With all the sails up, it was not looking hopeful. We began re-evaluating our snack rations in the event that we were at sea significantly longer than anticipated. This panic subsided when we began oceanography and began our unit on waves.

Waves are pretty cool. They’re basically the movement of energy through water. Post-class, Leoni offered a review session for our quiz that is coming up in two days. During this time, Freddie called all who were not reviewing to come on deck, drop the sails, and prepare to begin motoring in the hopes that the wind would eventually pick up. Until that time, we are maintaining a steady speed, so worry not, Mom, I’ll be home for Christmas. Dinner tonight was interesting. Tyler had originally planned fried Pork bowls. Instead, we had fried soya bowls. After everyone tried these soya nuggets, we have come to the conclusion that anything really can taste good, so long as you fry it. Now we’re cleaning up. Bubba, Tyler, and I have PSCT tonight. We’re learning about business and law. Super boring, yet super important.

Mom, Dad, and Jack, I miss you all so much. Jack, I cant wait to sail with you when I’m home. Uncle Fred, I hope you’re doing well. To all my family I love you very very much.

Photo 1: Emerson after flaking the jibs.
Photo 2: At the helm.


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