Location: 8 21.42'S 129 11.81'W

Day 15 of our passage across the Pacific Ocean. At about 11 o’clock this morning, we were able to put the sails up again! Winds finally picked up, and its nice to be moving again without hearing the sound of the engine constantly. In the afternoon, we went over some more EFR training and went over the answers from the last exam. Afterward, Carolyn talked to everyone about Captain James Cook’s adventures around the world and about French Polynesia in general. We also got to watch the movie Moana afterward, which was a nice way to relax after classes and showers. Ian and Riley caught three fish this afternoon, a couple of small tuna and a 28-pound monster right after. All in all, its been a pretty relaxing day, but you can tell everyone is still anxious to get to land. Its hard to believe we have sailed over 5,000 miles already. Only five more days to go though, which isn’t too bad compared to how long we’ve already been at sea.

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