Location: 8 46.93'S 131 29.26'W

I was awoken bright and early this morning at 3:30 a.m. for the 4-8 a.m. watch (my favorite watch), to the smell of freshly made monkey bread by one of our master chefs (Carolyn), which made all of our morning watches significantly sweeter. This is my favorite watch because this is when the sky is the most beautiful (in my opinion). We all sat and talked, and listened to some soft music as we watched the sky turn from an incredible dark blue with more stars than you could ever see in your life to a light pink on the clouds on the horizon with the sky above us still dark with stars. This is one of my favorite parts about sea life, and I imagine what makes the sea so tantalizing. After our watch ended, I headed back to bed for a quick nap then studied for the PSCT law exam tomorrow then headed on deck for one of the better lunches we have had thus far. Jack and Parker surprised everyone with their sushi making skills as they prepared around thirty rolls from the three tuna we caught yesterday. I love a good spicy tuna roll. After lunch cleanup, we had an SLS class with Tina; then, the Rescue Divers had a class with Simon. Once class was over we had deck showers and a couple of hours of free time, except for my watch team (watch team 2), we had watch from 2-6 p.m. (which means we have the 12-4 a.m. tonight). During watch, Jack serenaded us with his guitar, and the rest of watch team 2 sang along to some songs, including “Country Roads Take Me Home” and “Free Falling” and some Creedence songs. After our watch, we had dinner, squeeze, and cleanup. We are roughly four days from Nuku-Hiva, our first destination in the Marquesas, and we are all getting anxious to see our first sight of land in 3 weeks. This passage has definitely been one of my most favorite parts of the entire trip. Everything from seeing more stars than I have ever seen at one time in my life every single night, to sailing to the furthest point away from land in the entire world, it has been an unforgettable experience. We have around three weeks left, a few more places to explore, and about a thousand more miles to sail and intend to make the most of every day, place, and mile.


******MESSAGE TO LUPITA******* -I hope your nursing exam at St. Francis went well, and I hope you’re getting excited about your senior trip. I miss and think of you every day. Finish the rest of the semester strong! I love you.


Picture 1 – Watch team two on watch this morning. Myself at the helm, Tina on the right, Rob on the Left, Princess on the stern casting lines

Picture 2 – Argo’s crew posing for a picture (pretending to be civil) before fighting their way to the front of the food line

Picture 3 – One of the trays of delicious sushi made by our sushi chefs Jack and Parker


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