Location: 8 44.77'S 133 56.68'W

Today started just like any other day, with a magnificent mid-ocean sunrise. We’ve all come to learn that 17 days at sea will force you to find new forms of entertainment, such as partaking in an Irish jig when cleaning the galley, chess wars, cloud watching, stalking your fellow shipmates as they clean their bunks, throwing buckets of water on people, and cockpit gym hour. After a wonderful lunch of rice and curry, we finished our lecture on deep-sea ecosystems, started our lecture on coral reefs, and had our final review before our navigation exam on Monday. Lots of studying for the upcoming marine law exam (for PSCT folk) and the rescue diver test was happening between class and dinner; however, all that was abruptly interrupted when five rough-toothed dolphins started playing at the bow! Today’s chefs (Rob. Nova and Princess) made chicken cordon bleu (and tofu for us non-meat eaters) for dinner, which turned out to be quite a hit. The day ended as usual, with the whole crew coming together for a great meal, a bit of cleaning up, and a gorgeous sunset.


Lindsay here! I’d just like to wish my brothers, Tucker and Patrick, a very happy birthday today! I hope you both had excellent days. I’m only sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you. Love you lots!