Location: 8 43.00'S 136 23.42'W

Hi!!! Here to let you guys know that all the students have been forced into indefinite indentured servitude after the water maker spontaneously exploded (read: broke down slightly). Don’t worry; no one has been injured – yet. Aside from sweatshop duties such as biology and oceanography papers and an upcoming MTE practical everyone is pretty much chilling. Oh yeah and 3 liters of fresh water per person per day. Doom is near. Nah, actually though just 3 liters every other day – for showering. Anyways, just been having a blast. Chess on board is heating up. As of now, I am reigning champion. Rumor is that winner of the “Sweat For It” tournament will earn themselves freedom. Fishing has been slow. A nice 24lb skipjack a few days ago along with a couple small yellowfin and last night a snake mackerel. Toothy bugger. We did some more oceanography lit review presentations today. Carolyn had us whipped into tiptop shape. Life’s good. Looking forward to land in less than 2 days but really enjoying the sea. Vibes are really good. I’ve been meditating 45 or more minutes daily. Loving life.

Peace and love,