Location: 8 43.00'S 136 23.42'W

Hi!!! Here to let you guys know that all the students have been forced into indefinite indentured servitude after the water maker spontaneously exploded (read: broke down slightly). Don’t worry; no one has been injured – yet. Aside from sweatshop duties such as biology and oceanography papers and an upcoming MTE practical, everyone is pretty much chilling. Oh yeah, and 3 liters of freshwater per person per day. Doom is near. Nah, actually, though, just 3 liters every other day – for showering. Anyways, just been having a blast. The chess on board is heating up. As of now, I am a reigning champion. Rumor is that winners of the “Sweat For It” tournament will earn themselves freedom. Fishing has been slow. A nice 24lb skipjack a few days ago, along with a couple of small yellowfin and last night a snake mackerel. Toothy bugger. We did some more oceanography lit review presentations today. Carolyn had us whipped into tiptop shape. Life’s good. Looking forward to landing in less than two days but really enjoying the sea. The vibes are really good. I’ve been meditating for 45 or more minutes daily. Loving life.

Peace and love,