Location: Underway to Jamaica

Today was rather fast paced as everyone scurried about getting ready for our second multi-day passage, this time to Jamaica. Breakfast kicked off at 7:30 with yogurt and cereal, which was followed by an enthralling MTE class on set, drift, and leeway, followed by an intellectually stimulating discussion of fisheries, overfishing, and the links between the two. Immediately afterwards, a delicious lunch of English Muffin Pizzas were served to everyone’s delight, followed by the beginning of passage prep. Once that was completed, some took advantage of a last fifteen minutes to say goodbye to solid ground for the next four days, and then we were off, sailing the high seas again, with Jamaica as our destination! Dinner was the delicious Chili de Faloon, which was perfect for a day finisher. Night passage was wonderful, with no big surprises barring a rather traffic filled horizon.