Location: Underway to Jamaica

Today began at 6am for some aboard, while others kicked off the day at 9am or noon. We are all settling into the routine of 3 hours on watch, 6 hours off, and are enjoying a comfortable sail so far. Being on watch is the luck of the draw as far as excitement goes. Some watch teams had a friendly visit from a pod of dolphins, while others were only fortunate enough to see two bananas, a light bulb, and a piece of wood. Either way, we are all enjoying taking turns at the helm, on bow watch, or waiting patiently to do boat checks. Time spent not on watch is easily filled with naps, and occasional motivation to get some school work done. Class after lunch today consisted of Marine Bio and Basic Seamanship, where we learned about bony fish and maritime clocks. After class deck showers commenced, followed by a delicious chicken curry dinner with an amazing sunset for our backdrop. Currently watch team two is manning Argo while the other watch teams are getting some sleep before another night of rotations. Stay classy.