Location: 08,22.39S 021,52.19W

With the sparkly stars watching over watch team 2 (Jay, Elle, Kate, Maggie, Shane, Sylvia, Britt, Kat, and Jett) last night, we found the 12-4 watch last night quite intriguing thanks to Jay’s podcasts on true crime, a man who’s family didn’t remember him breaking his arm and even one on butter… Watch was followed by a well-deserved sleep and some study time before being called up to a lunch of yummy Alfredo pasta courtesy of Brit, Smash and Elle. After lunch and clean up, we found ourselves exploring new concepts in oceanography with Steph then navigating ours through a seamanship class in which we learned how to plot set and drift coordinates!

Our afternoon consisted of deck showers, PSCT exams, and study time for the upcoming oceanography exam. We later sat down for dinner, which consisted of chicken, rice, and green beans. For squeeze, we had a very profound and important question to answer: what is your favorite dessert, and why? (Not a big surprise eh mom and dad!) We then completed our evening by watching the sunset and waiting to see the rare green flash along the horizon that is only seen by few if lucky. Out of luck for another night, but luckily, out here on the ocean blue, there seem to be infinite opportunities to try again.