Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Today we were in Gorda Sound. We started off having breakfast at 7:30, which consisted of chocolate chip pancakes and bananas. After breakfast, everyone had to take his or her emergency first responder test. And the open-water divers had to take their final exam to earn their open-water diver certification. While the open water divers were taking their final exam, people were being rotated onto a small mono-hull boat to get a better taste of sailing a more responsive boat. After everyone had gotten their rounds in on the boat, we had lunch. Lunch consisted of Sloppy Joe’s and veggie burgers. After lunch, everyone loaded up on the dinghy and headed for the mangroves for an hour of snorkeling. After our snorkeling trip, we headed to the beach to rent Hobiecats, which are tiny catamarans consisting only of a mainsail. We hung out at the beach for a few hours and had a great time. We headed back to Ocean Star and got ready for the beach barbeque. We went to the beach barbeque and had some great burgers and hot dogs, and it was a great bonding experience for the crew. After we finished up at the beach, everyone headed back to the boat to go to sleep.