Location: Calvi, Corsica, France

After hours of hiding down below from the squally weather the crew of Argo poked theirs heads up on deck after dinner to find the perfect sailing conditions. Within an hour the anchor was hauled up and five of Argo’s six sails were set. Slowly sailing out of the harbor, we patiently waited to no longer be in the lee of mainland France, but out in the open sea where the wind and waves are our only company. Just as watch team three took the deck the sails filled and soon we were cruising between nine and eleven knots. So far this summer, it has been hard to find the wind necessary to move us through the water, but not last night. Even with a reefed main Argo sailed through the night on a beautiful beam reach making the 90 mile passage in less than 11 hours. As the sun rose over our new destination of Corsica, the crew rounded the bend into our new home anchorage. With one day down already in Corsica, we have seen citadels occupied for hundreds of years, fireworks to celebrate the summer season and a stunning mountainous landscape overlooking an endless number of white sandy beaches.