Location: Calvi, Corsica, France

We woke up this morning to a second clear Corsica day. After a breakfast of French toast and fruit mousse, most of us headed to the beach. We spent most of the day reading, swimming, and playing semi-successful games of volleyball. Of all the ports we’ve visited, this beach was the most similar to those in the US. Unlike in Elba or Portofino, the sand was white and the beach stretched long across the edge of the water. Of course, there were some differences that separated this beach from American beaches. The water was clearer and bluer than any water Ive ever swam in, and the shoreline was full of tiny restaurants offering refreshments, umbrellas, and freshwater showers (most of us, however, stuck with our PB and J’s and beach towels). Since the weather was too windy to sail Hobie Cats, a few of us walked into town to mail you all postcards and then took dinghies back to the boat. We did our typical shower routine, jumping off the boat and climbing back up to get soapy and then rinse off. A wonderful stir fry dinner later, we prepared to get underway. The students raced the staff to raise the main against the main staysail and the forward staysail a close match, but the staff won and then we raised the anchor and set sail. The wind was ferocious, and our 112-foot vessel dipped down and back up into crashing eight-foot waves. The bow watchers were drenched from the spray. When a huge gust came along, blowing at fifty knots, the captain decided it would be safest for us to return to Calvis harbor and rest there for the night. We tacked back in, a bit relieved to put off the sleepless night and hours of soaking wet watches, but we were a bit disappointed to delay the journey as well; we all knew that a trip to Bonifacio under those conditions would be exhilarating. Regardless, we tucked down into the harbor and dropped anchor, preparing ourselves for another day aboard the Argo.