Location: Calvi, Corsica

A 7:30 am wake up came far to early for team Argo, most of whom had taken seasick medicine the night before to ward off any problems that might come up during what would have been a tempestuous night-sail. Unfortunately, no one really got a chance to sleep off the medicine, leading to a very groggy breakfast and morning sailing class. In hopes of setting sail around 10 am, a few students took more seasick meds and grabbed a quick nap. But winds high enough to send our anchoring neighbors dragging around the bay kept us in port for another day. Students remained on board, watching movies, catching up on journals, and sleeping. Mostly sleeping. Bed-headed and bleary-eyed, students made their way on deck mid-afternoon to prepare Argo for what will hopefully be an early start tomorrow and enjoyed a delicious dinner from the culinary masters Tom and Dickie. As beautiful as Calvi is, I think I speak for everyone on board when I say we are ready to bid this port adieu and head to Bonifacio.