Location: Underway to Bonifacio

We were off with a bright and early start this morning at 06:00, bound for Bonifacio on the southern tip of Corsica Island. The heavy wind gusts that we experienced yesterday had started to show respite. As we left our anchorage in the harbor of Calvi, soaking in the sunrise with a reefed main and 2 staysails, we began the day-long journey against southerly headwinds and seas. Throughout the day, the winds grew lighter, the swell smaller, and the sun shine even brighter. The shipmates have grown more comfortable on Argo, nimbly cruising around their constantly moving home. Bow watch got a kick this morning out of the wave splashes from over the side. In other news, the shipmates are getting the hang of sail sets and leading raises. We even just had a very speedy 30-minute sail strike, flakes and all, complete with some pretty cheesy fake accents for a good laugh. We should reach the dock in Bonifacio later tonight in just a couple more hours, where there lies a highly anticipated candy store and a sweet hike. Signing off until next time.