Location: Cape Town

The crew went out on the first sail today, learning the ropes as we went along. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as Vela cruised past the cargo ships in the harbor. Looking back at Cape Town from the water was surreal. Table Mountain towering over the city below is an incredible view. On the way out, we saw humpback whales breaching, and while we sailed, we saw penguins, dolphins, seals, more whales, and a mola mola swimming around the boat. As a team, we raised all the sails (Minus the Fish + FJ) in just over an hour, spotting whales and penguins as they went up. Learning the different parts of the sails and how the wind affects them was one of the important lessons of the dayfollowed up with how to respond in a “Man Overboard” situation and the different roles in the station bill. The importance of sunscreen also came into play, as the tops of my feet are now suffering in my sandals. Arielle became the first student to take the helm. Once we returned to port in the late afternoon, we were given time to stretch our legs on land. A few scoops of ice cream were enjoyed in the sun, and then it was time to clean the boat. Putting on the sail covers and cleaning the deck was another great group bonding experience. Overall, the new crew worked well together, learning how to navigate the boat and treat her properly.