Location: The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVI/Underway to Les Saintes

Floating between islands in the British Virgin Islands 18 new friends get ready for their first overnight passage to the beautiful island of Les Saintes. However, not before visiting the mesmerizing salt baths on the island of Virgin Gorda. Despite its horrible history of being a bathing grounds for slaves, the rock formations were something out of a movie, and it has become one of my favorite things we have done so far. The rocks provided a fun place to climb, and the pools a refreshing place to take a dip. Most of the time was spent just exploring the caves and laying on the sand talking with my bunkmates about the journey that was ahead of us. Every rock we climbed and corner we turned we were greeted by a very blue Caribbean ocean. After lunch we practiced some emergency drills, Our fearless leader Bryant showed us the appropriate actions that have to be taken in the unlikely event we have to abandon ship and if there was ever a fire on board. We ended the drills with a laugh trying on our immersion suits or our “Gumby suits.” We then spent dinner and “squeeze” underway as we began our first overnight passage.

Pictured: rainbow,
breathtaking beach at the Baths,
A very excited Bianca,
Hiking down to the beach,
Eliza, me, Bianca, and London in our suits;
sails set for our passage to Les Saintes.

Current position: