Location: British Virgin Islands

The day started before it even began with us getting underway for a night passage from Saba back to the B.V.I. This was our last major passage and it turned out to be very pleasant, we made good time and the weather was in our favor. We arrived this morning around 8 a.m. and anchored just outside of Spanish Town. Then we rolled straight into B.A. (boat appreciation) and pretty much made Ocean Star look like the sexiest lady on the water. After that we went to a formation of rocks known as the Bath’s, this site has a lot of history to it and was really fun to swim through and climb on the rocks. There was also a small underwater cave that we swam to. Right after that we moved our vessel to Salt Island, anchored, and ate a delicious dinner. After dinner we did clean up and had OCB class. We plan do a dive tomorrow on a site named the Rhone which from what I’ve heard is an awesome wreck dive so that should be exciting. So all in all a solid day on Ocean Star.