Location: Saba, DWI

Today the crew had a morning science class taught by scientist Laurie. After that they were briefed on the proper way to get onto the island of Saba. The description resembles something out of a military training manual. The first step is to have the dinghy drop us off in the water approximately 20 yards from the shore. From there, we time our swim into the shore with the waves to avoid getting a dunking. Once you are safely on dry land, the hard part starts. After ascending a mountainside staircase of nearly 1,000 steps, you reach the deceivingly named town of The Bottom. Passing through the Bottom we took a path through the woods over to the town of Windward side. The town, which like the rest of Saba, is color coordinated with red roofs and white buildings, has a restaurant called Scout’s serving the meanest burger in town. A half pound patty, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, pickle, lettuce and a fried egg on fresh hand made bun was the hard earned treat for those that climbed more than 1,000 ft. up the steep sides of Saba. Walking off lunch, we made it a bit farther down the road to Jo Beans glass shop. Jo Bean makes glass art and beads famous across the Dutch West Indies. She is also famous for her hospitality. Within minutes of arriving she had made us tea and had students and staff working with torches and glass rods to make their own personal souvenirs of their visit. Making our way back to the boat we had a great view of Ocean Star in the afternoon sun from the abandoned customs house hundreds of feet above the water. Arriving back on board, we started taking the necessary steps for our passage back to the British Virgin Islands; our last major passage of the trip.