Location: Saba

We started off the day with a holiday themed breakfast of Fall Fruit Soup and biscuits. We then readied our dive gear for when the dive boat came to pick us up. We started off diving at Shark Shoal, where despite the name, we saw no sharks. It was an awesome dive none-the-less, and we saw tons of fish, coral, and sponges. It was also the deepest dive we have done so far at 130 ft deep. We came up and traveled to our next dive site, Diamond Rock. This was another awesome dive, and we did see a nurse shark on it. We came back to the boat, had lunch, and had a cool Oceanography class about ocean currents. We then had a good chunk of time in which to do homework, or study for the final exams. We then had dinner, followed by another OCE about waves. All in all, a great day with some of the best dives of the trip so far.