Location: Vixen Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today we got up out of our bunks at our usual 7 am wake-up call to a beautiful sunny morning in Vixen Point. With a full day scheduled of scuba diving and sailing, we hurried (but still thoroughly) cleaned up after a breakfast of banana bread baked fresh by our shipmate Matt. The open water diving group went off to do their third open water dive, while the already certified group went and sailed with Kevin on smaller boats to really get a feel for how to work the wind and tack and jibe efficiently. I myself was in the open water diving group. We saw some new marine life we had not had the chance to see before, like skate and some decent-sized barracuda. After our dive, we returned to Ocean Star and packed away our diving equipment just in time to prepare the ship for a squall that was coming our way. While we were hustling around, closing all the hatches and rolling up the tarp, the other group that had been off sailing was battling the increasing winds brought in by the coming squall that was getting ever more close. But our trusted and ever so brave captain Kevin maneuvered the small boat safely to Ocean Star just in time to get everyone in the galley just before the buckets of rain poured down on everyone. The squall only lasted about twenty minutes, as usual, then the sun was out and shining once again, oh how we love the Caribbean weather. After a delicious lunch of chicken salad and fruit, the open water group went sailing with Kevin while the other group went to shore. While we sailed with Kevin, the group on shore enjoyed sailing Hobie Cats and relaxing on the beach. Around 5 o’clock, we all returned to Ocean Star to have “shower time,” which of course consisted of jumping overboard, soaping up, jumping overboard again, and then rinsing off with the freshwater hose, possibly the best way to bath ever. At 6 o’clock, we shuttled back over to the beach to join the Action Quest group for a BBQ and dance party with the DJ rightfully deemed “Heavy Beats.” But after the food began to die off and the dance really started to kick off, we struck away from the Action Quest extravaganza to hang out at Saba Rock, a restaurant/hotel just around the bend to relax and have some shore time away from the Action Quest rowdiness. Saba Rock is on its own little island, so the only way to get there was to shuttle over. Near the docks were loads of tarpon attracted by underwater lights and the occasional snack thrown in by people. Saba Rock claims to have the softest grass in the whole Caribbean. After laying down on it, I do concur with that claim to fame. Around 10:30, we shuttled back to our home on Ocean Star, which concluded another wonderful day with SeaMester, off to Spanish Town tomorrow!