Location: Dominica

We met up with SeaCat, our outdoor fruit tour adventure guide, right after breakfast. Piling into two vans, the crew of Ocean Star traversed all across Dominica as SeaCat, and his brother narrated the ride. All along the tour, he would stop the van, and his brother would run out, cut some fruit from a tree, and bring it back for us all to taste or smell. These ranged from sugar apples to cinnamon bark. At one of the stops, SeaCat let us scale the mango tree ourselves and toss them back down to the rest of the crew waiting below. Another time we all got out at someone’s house (side note: SeaCat knows everyone on this island…and I mean every single person) and tasted sugar cane, this really good spicy chicken, and breadfruit with some butter on top. The staff had told us not to pack a huge lunch because we’d be eating all day, and they were absolutely right. Towards the end of the day, we made a final stop at Trafalgar Falls. SeaCat dropped us off, and a local guide showed us the way to the base of the waterfall. At the base of the falls, there was a hydrothermal vent releasing hot water, creating a mixture that was hot but not too hot. The temperature was similar to that of a hot tub. We relaxed for a while before heading back to Ocean Star for dinner. Our second marine bio test is tomorrow, so we are all hunkered down studying right now. Hopefully, the next blog post will be telling you how easy it was.