Location: Roseau, Dominica

After a morning of passage, we started our day with a late breakfast and deck cleanup – scrubbing from head to toe. The spare time in between was dedicated to putting the final touches on our OCE (Introduction to Oceanography class) projects. Lunch was served quickly so that the majority of the crew could go diving afterward. The two dives of the day were done through a company called Dive Dominica. Most of the students would agree this was the coolest dive, including seeing Green Sea Turtles, Lion Fish, Sea Horses, and octopus! After a long dive, we returned just in time for dinner, the best dinner made on the boat yet: homemade bacon alfredo pasta! Following dinner were the student presentations for OCE on topics from hurricanes to Climate Change. The evening after projects were pretty quiet as the night passage from yesterday had worn us out. A few stragglers stayed up, but for the most part, it was an early evening to bed for the Ocean Star crew.