Location: underway to Dominica


Started the day off a little later than usual, 8:15, to be exact. We followed breakfast by getting the boat ready for our long passage to Dominica. Once we got the boat prepped, we took advantage of our last few hours in Antigua and went out for lunch. Once back from our delicious lunch at Skullduggery, we set sail for Dominica. This was told to be the longest passage of the trip (between 18-24hours.) We put up the sails at about 2:15, and the first watch team was out and about at three. We took the helm, checked the engine room, and shared many laughs. As we sailed, we passed islands such as Guadalupe and The Saints, saw dolphins and flying fish, and even caught a few fish of our own. Each watch team did two three-hour shifts, taking naps in between.